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New Result (Academic session 2021-22)
  Carryover Result Examination January-2023 (only passout students) (Updated on: 01-05-2023)
  Special Carryover Examination December-2022 (Updated on: 01-02-2023)
Nursing final Year Back paper result  Examination September-2022 (Updated on: 13-12-2022)
Nursing intermediate semester / Year   Examination September-2022(Updated on: 09-12-2022)
Regular result  Examination September-2022(Nursing Final Year) (Updated on 09-12-2022)
UFM RESULT   Examination July-2022(Updated on: 28-11-2022)
Back paper result  Examination July-2022 (Updated on: 28-11-2022)
Regular result of intermediate semester / Year & DP-II Year   Examination July-2022(Updated on: 28-11-2022)
Regular result  Examination July-2022(Final Year) (Updated on 14-10-2022)
Regular result  Examination July-2022(BOPT) (Updated on 26-09-2022)
Regular result  Examination July-2022(BALLB Final Year) (Updated on 26-09-2022)
Regular result  Examination March/April-2022(B.Sc. Nursing & CMSED I Semester (Updated on 17-07-2022)
Back paper result  Examination March-2022(Nursing related) (Updated on: 07-07-2022)
Back paper result  Examination February-2022 (Updated on: 28-06-2022)
Regular result  Examination February/March-2022 (Updated on 23-06-2022)
Pre Ph.D. Course Work Examination Result (2021-22) (Updated on: 04-05-2022)
New Result (Academic session 2020-21)
Regular result  Examination December-2021(POST BASIC B.SC. NURSING Final Year) (Updated on 12-03-2022)
Back paper result  Examination December-2021 (Updated on: 12-02-2022)
Regular result  Examination December-2021(B.Sc. Nursing Final Year) (Updated on 08-02-2022)
Back paper result  Examination September-2021(Nursing) (Updated on: 10-11-2021)
Regular result of intermediate Years(Nursing & BNYS)   Examination September-2021 (Updated on: 10-11-2021)
Back paper result  Examination August-2021 (Updated on: 26-10-2021)
Regular result of intermediate semester / Year   Examination August-2021(Updated on: 21-10-2021)
Back paper result  Examination July-2021 (Updated on 01-10-2021)
Regular result of Diploma in Pharmacy Part II   Examination July-2021(Updated on: 30-09-2021)
Regular result  Examination July-2021(Final Year) Programmes (Updated on 17-09-2021)
Back paper result  Examination March-2021 (Updated on 17-05-2021)
Regular Result  Examination March-2021      (Updated on: 15-05-2021)
Regular/Debarred/Lateral result  Examination December-2020(Updated on: 30-03-2021)
Back paper result  Examination December-2020

Result (Academic session 2019-20)

Diploma in Pharmacy(2nd Year) Improvement result/Back paper result  Examination Nov-2020/DEC-2020(updated on: 04-02-2021)
Diploma in Pharmacy (Ist Year) Improvement result  Examination November-2020(updated on: 08-01-2021) 
Special carry over result  Examination November-2020(updated on: 26-12-2020) 
Regular result  July 2020(updated on: 15-10-2020) 
Regular result  Examination September-2020(Final Year) Programmes (updated on: 31-10-2020)
Back paper result  Examination September-2020 & October-2020(Updated on: 31-10-2020)
Regular result  Examination October-2020(Pharmacy related  Programmes) (updated on: 31-10-2020)
Regular result  Examination December-2019
Back paper result  Examination December-2019