Deeksharambh - Student Induction Programme

One of the most difficult periods in a student's life is the transition from high school to university or college life. New students arrive at our university with a variety of ideas, backgrounds, and preparedness. Therefore, we at IIMT University understand this as our crucial responsibility to welcome new students to higher education and get them ready for their new responsibilities.

Deeksharambh - Student Induction Program of our university focuses on assisting new students in settling in and becoming comfortable in their surroundings, educating them about the university's ethos and culture, fostering relationships between them and other students and faculty members, and exposing them to a sense of greater purpose and self-exploration.

Before normal classes ever begin, the Student Induction Program becomes involved with the incoming students as soon as they enroll in the university. The formation of the mentor groups occurs at the beginning of the induction, during which the incumbents are taught about the institutional regulations, procedures, practises, culture, and values.